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What Exactly Is a Butt Hurt Report Form?

Ever wish there was a form to pour all your thoughts whenever someone messed with your feelings? Well, fortunately for you, there is one, and it’s quite detailed too. This form was started as a joke by someone online, but some workplaces still take it seriously.

If the rare chance comes that someone has to fill out a Butt Hurt report, then this article will be here as a guide, leading people to pour out their feelings on this satire form.

What Does Formfiller Need to Enter in a Butt Hurt Report?

The Butt Hurt report is all about the whining person and how they came to be in this whining condition. So naturally, all the information required will revolve around these two details. The form is divided into different sections. Each section asks about a specific type of information regarding the whining incident.

  • Details about the whiner

Information about the whiner will be asked here, such as his/her name, position, branch, and the date of filing the Butt Hurt report. If someone else is filling the form for the whiner, then their name should be mentioned too.

  • Details of the incident

Next comes the information about the whining incident. This part of the form will inquire about details such as the date when the incident took place, the time the whiner spent while being hurt, and the location of this tragic incident.

Suppose it was a person who was responsible for hurting the whiner’s feelings. In that case, their name will be written here, too, along with the position and department.

  • Injuries sustained during the incident

Whining is no joke, and injuries can take place when someone’s feelings are hurt, which is why this part of the form asks in detail about the possible damages.

Although it may change depending on where you live, the injury section usually is filled by marking ticks in checkboxes. These are some of the questions asked in this part:

How was the hurtfulness communicated? - Whether your feelings as a whiner was communicated verbally, in written form, or both

Is there permanent damage to your feelings? - Simply inquiring whether the incident will lead to more whining

Did you require a tissue? - This one is self-explanatory

Has this resulted in a traumatic emotional injury? - If you think the experience will leave a long-lasting impact

Two Important Parts For Filling Out A Butt Hurt Report

Contrary to what most people think, most Butt Hurt reports don’t offer a field where the whiner can express the reason in their own words. Most of the time, a series of checkboxes will be given for the whiner, and they can tick as many as applicable according to their whining incident.

  • Narrative

The most important part of the form begins here, as it inquires about how the incident took place, in the whiner’s own words. This is done for the possibility of misunderstanding between the relevant parties, so everyone knows what the whiner thinks of the situation.

  • Authentication

This section of the form authenticates the form and asks about the whiner’s printed name and a signature. If the form is optional, the signature field will also give the whiner time to think whether it is worth submitting this form.

How to Fill out a Butt Hurt Report Form?

The Butt Hurt report is pretty straightforward and relatively easy to fill. However, since it’s a rare form to be used in institutions, here’s how to fill the different sections in your Butt Hurt form:

Step 1 - Enter administrative data

Fill in your name, branch, position, and the date of when this report will be filed. If you are someone filling the form for the whiner, state your name here too.


Step 2 - Incident report and injury

Here more details about the incident need to be filled in, such as the date when the feelings were hurt, the location of the incident, etc. If it was a person who hurt your feelings, write down their name too in this section, along with their position and department.


In the Injury section, a list of checkboxes will be given to you to ask specific questions about the injury. Tick mark according to your incident. However, if you feel there are some details you wish to add, but a checkbox is not given for the specific detail, then don’t worry as late in the form, such a section comes where your requirement will be fulfilled.

Step 3 - Tell your story

This section will allow you, the whiner, to tell how the incident went in your own words. However, the space allotted for this field is quite tight in most forms, so be sure to keep your sentences concise and straightforward.


Step 4 - Sign your form

Proofread everything once and check whether every detail is as accurate as you want it to be. Once you have double-checked, sign the form and send it to whomever it concerns.


Who Could Possibly Need to File the Butt Hurt Report?

For anyone who has ever had a whining incident and wants to document it officially, then a whining report is a perfect way to do it.

Additionally, suppose someone is running an institution and notices a frequent whiner. In that case, they can also hand the employees out a whining form, so the whiner has a way of documenting and expressing their whining reasons.

The Most Common Uses of a Butt Hurt Report

The Butt Hurt form serves a fundamental purpose, giving the whiners an official way to document the incident. This helps the whiner and the institution they are working for, as they can predict when the next whining incident can occur.

The institution can also learn why the whining took place in the first place. If the solution is legal, rational, inexpensive, then maybe they can even implement the solution. However, do note that studies have shown whining incidents to have any effective solutions rarely.

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